About Us

What Makes Us Different?


The Aquatic Educators at Pauline Barratt Aquatics are a unique and dynamic group of individuals who share a love of swimming and a love of teaching. Our staff members are highly qualified and extremely friendly and each one has his or her own personalized approach to teaching. All educators work in collaboration with each other – always sharing ideas, always helping each other to make the experience at Pauline Barratt Aquatics and safe and positive one.

Our Facility

We operate an indoor salt-water pool that is maintained at a comfortable 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Our facility is designed to promote a comfortable and agreeable environment for swimmers of all ages. We use various tools to teach and support swimmers, including stacked stools (used to help small children to touch the bottom in shallow water), water wings, “Puddle Jumper” life jackets, toys, and ACTARs (rescue manikins, among other things).

Class Size

At PB Aquatics, we specialize in small classes of four to five students. We feel that the smaller instructor to swimmer ratio, of one instructor to every five students or even two instructors to five students, promotes a more individualized and personal swimming experience. We feel that is also encourages a more supportive environment conducive to more thorough and effective instruction in water safety, fitness and swimming. We also offer private and semi-private lessons.

Brain Fitness

Before every class, simple brain fitness exercises are included to stimulate and enhance cognitive, visual and audio processes in order to strengthen the physical and mental responses of the swimmers during their lesson.

Variety and Depth

We offer everything form swimming lessons to camps to aqua fitness and hydrotherapy. At Pauline Barratt Aquatics, there is something for everyone! We are willing to design a schedule and program to meet your goals and needs.