About our Staff

Hi. My name is Joy and I have the pleasure of meeting you in the pool office as you register your children. During the last eight years I have met the nicest people and I enjoy watching your children grow. I am a Nana to 5 little ones who are the light of my life.

As a long time resident of Orillia, wife, and mother of two grown children, I feel very lucky to work at Pauline Barratt Aquatics.
I have over 20 years of aquatic instruction experience and it is my pleasure to help swimmers, young and old (or shall we say ‘mature’), to reach their desired skill level.
It truly is one of those ‘feel good’ jobs. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with you at the pool.

When I was in Kindergarten I remember standing in front of my class and proudly saying “when I grow up I want to be a swimming teacher. As a mother of two nothing beats the sheer joy I get teaching children the love of swimming.

My name is Jessie G. and I am currently an instructor at Pauline Barratt Aquatics. Teaching is my passion and I am thrilled to have the privilege of working at such a fantastic pool with both amazing coworkers and clients!

My name is Megan Barratt. I’m so blessed to be part of such an inspirational instructional team!
I’ve had my Red Cross/Lifesaving instructor awards and Lifeguarding for over 15 years. Learning to swim as a child I was very stubborn, and needed to learn at my own pace. Just ask my mother ! Upon taking my Bronze Levels and Instructor school, I became committed to teaching at the age of 15. I’ve always enjoyed walking the path that leads to the water. Currently, I just became a Standard First Aid Instructor/Examiner, and very much also love teaching this award, amongst other lifesaving levels, Bronze and Junior Lifeguard Club. My latest pursuit is to take the National Lifeguard Instructor Course, and one day be able to train and certify National Lifeguards; whilst staying true to learn to swim, and becoming an Instructor trainer for the Red Cross.
I want to thank all patrons, past and present, all staff, past and present, and Pauline, my mentor, and above all my mom.

Hi. It’s Pauline here. You know, I have to say that after so many years of teaching, I still so adore looking through the eyes of the “child.” Children remind me daily of so many important things like trust and pure joy at its finest, A child almost never misses a chance to participate in life. And wow, do they call a spade a spade and when you win them over it’s real. If I could hand pick my clients that come into Pauline Barratt Aquatics, I couldn’t pick a finer bunch of people to do our services for. I thank all of you for your patronage over the years. I also pride myself in having the finest staff of teachers and finest “office person,” Joy, to meet with you and work with you and your families . You receive the best aquatic education available. For me, it’s one of the best feelings every day to go home and know that for everyone who came through the doors, myself and my staff “made a difference.”