Summer Swim Programs

girl floating in yellow inner tube


“Like all parents we want the best for our children. That is why we chose Pauline Barratt Aquatics to teach our children to swim. Whether its on a boat, or around the lake or pool, our kids spend a lot of time near water. It breaks our hearts when we hear of other families that have lost children to drowning, and scares us that it could happen to us. Pauline Barratt Aquatics not only teaches children to swim, but, perhaps even more importantly, the children are taught from the beginning how to be safe around the water, and what to do if they happen to fall in. This message of water safety is carried on throughout the lessons of all levels, and I was particularly impressed to see classes for older children conducted with them in full clothing to simulate falling in the water fully clothed. It is things like this that I feel can reduce the likelihood of panic and help children to avoid hazards in the first place, but also be able to get out of trouble if an accident happens. And the staff manage to impart these safety messages in a fun, light hearted manner that make my kids want to come every week! Thanks for everything to Pauline, Patti and all the staff!”
– Chris and Cindy Duck