Brain Fitness

Brain fitness aqua-fit is a specialized program developed to not only enhance your physical fitness, but also your mental fitness at the same time. Using many fun movements to enhance your balance, vision, memory and more are just a few of the benefits why you might choose this class.

Brain fitness Aquafit is offered on Tuesday 11 am only. Our water is 88 degrees F. This allows for anyone with arthritic or cold water challenges to participate. To find out more, please contact 705-325-3965

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“I got meet the famous Pauline due to my injuries to my body inside and out. Well what can one say about this truly amazing, dedicated, knowledgeable lady. Caring, expertise in every muscle in your body, concerns that you’re breathing right, relax, and repair. My over all health is improving everyday I partake. This particular class works so well, – we are an injured group in so many different ways – it’s aqua fit customized to repair and heal us. Do I wish she offered another class the same – you bet! Her other capable staff run the true aqua fit classes but this one is special. Drs., massage therapy, psycho therapy, recommend this facility over the rest available ”
– J. H.