“I have been involved with Pauline Barratt Aquatics for over twenty-five years. Throughout that time I have witnessed Pauline adapt her teaching practices to reflect the latest research on how children learn. Pauline’s kind and generous nature are well known throughout the Orillia area. Once you meet her you never forget her. Pauline and her staff are professionals who care about each individual client, how they learn and how they can be successful. Pauline Barratt Aquatics has the best, individualized approach to being safe in and around the water.” – TDW

“Amazing Lady”
“…. Pauline Barratt and her amazing attention to quality, care, and aquatic education are reflected in her swimming school. John has been a student at Pauline’s for 8 years and as his father I am proud to have witnessed first hand as Pauline’s staff have provided him the tools and opportunity to develop his swimming skills at an advance level. Thank you, Pauline!” – Fred Tytus

“I think that Pauline Barratt’s swimming school is the best place in Orillia to take your kids to learn how to swim! I have tried other places and they don’t even compare. There is no wasted time during lessons and they are learning new things each session. I would highly recommend Pauline Barratt’s to anyone.” – Jackie Wink

“I have two children who have taken lessons at Pauline Barratt Aquatics. My son, now 18 is a proficient swimmer and this is thanks to the exceptional lessons he received at Pauline’s. My daughter is currently enrolled in lessons and has been taking lessons since the age of 2years. Each week I watch and marvel at what a wonderful swimmer she is. The instruction that my children received was second to none. I would highly recommend Pauline Barratt Aquatics to anyone who is looking for positive results for their children.” – Sue Tselikis

“As a teenager, the discs in my lower back started to degenerate and I also suffered through reoccurring bouts of sciatica which led to 25 years of very little physical activity and a weight gain of 120 pounds. Prior to attending aqua fit at Pauline Barratt Aquatics, I was having severe problems with one shoulder and the opposite arm and most days I could not raise either arm above my head. I had frequent pain in my knees from numerous sports injuries, which made walking and climbing stairs an effort. Standing in the check out line at the grocery store or bank was also a painful experience. At one point I had attended a physiotherapist for nine months and did not achieve any great relief. I lived with pain to some degree, everyday. Then I ran into an old friend and while chatting she told me about these aqua fit classes. I started going 3 times a week. After several weeks I noticed that my arm and shoulder pain was decreasing and my mobility was improving. After 3 months I noticed that my calves were slimmer and I could once again raise my arms without pain. I took my dog for a walk for the first time in about 5 years. Then little by little I noticed my arms slimming, my thighs and tummy slimming. I had to start altering my clothing and buying new bras because I was down a full size and a cup size. I am still going 3 times a week and enjoy a pain free life and have lost 52 pounds. The social aspects of attending these classes is also therapeutic. We have a lot of laughs and you feel a real camaraderie amongst the other participants. Pauline’s professional approach to teaching and the dedication shown in her instructors make for an overall terrific experience. I highly recommend it to all who will listen.” – Rose Ganton Thatcher

“When I retired one of my goals was to learn to swim. I was one of those people who sank like a rock. Pauline has been so patient and good to me. In just 4 weeks I am jumping into the deep end of the pool and not panicking and I am able to get myself to the edge or shallow end of the pool. I look forward to my lesson and enjoy myself when I am there. I can’t sing or shout the praise and respect that I have for Pauline loud enough. Thank you Pauline for making one of my goals in life come true. PAULINE YOU ARE AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!” – Reta

“I was asked if I could write a testimonial by Pauline, and I jumped at the chance….
If it were not for Pauline my youngest son would still have a crippling fear of water, when he was younger 3 1/2 or 4 he was pushed into a hotel pool. He couldn’t swim and he was going under… I turned around just to see him under the water looking up at me- I don’t know how I made it into the pool but I think I did without even touching the pool deck, I grabbed my son who was fine but very scared. I could not for the life of me get my son back into that pool for the remainder of the weekend. I told him that once we got home he was going to take swimming lessons- an idea he didn’t really like to much at the time. After speaking to people (we were new in town) I was directed to Pauline Barratts Aquatics. Best direction I was ever given! I didn’t think Pauline would get my son into the water but after only a few lessons, she had him swimming on his own (with water wings) I was amazed she even got him in the water- never mind comfortable being in there! Today thanks to Pauline- Patty- Michelle- John- and other various instructors, my son is working on his level six- is confident in the water and ENJOYS swimming! I can’t thank Pauline Barratt Aquatics enough and I would never entrust anyone else with my children for swimming lessons because you won’t find anywhere else that tops what Pauline Barratts does. Thank you Pauline!!” – Sandra Huxtable

“My oldest daughter is now 9 yrs. and has been swimming at Pauline Barratt’s since she was 3 yrs. I also have another daughter now 5 yrs. who also started at the age of 3. Pauline and her instructors are kind, patient, and respectful with my children. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for them to learn the life saving skill of swimming. My girls love going to their swimming lessons because at Pauline Barratt’s they make learning fun! As soon as I pass the pool office, there is Joy the receptionist, who always greets each and every family. Pauline Barratt’s has always worked hard to accommodate my working schedule around the girls lessons. There truly is no other swimming experience for your children like the one at Pauline Barratt’s !!!” – Denise, Richard, Raina & Tehya McCue

“As mentioned, I’m THRILLED to be writing a testimonial on your behalf. Here it goes…
With two young children who have access to our backyard pool and lakes all around, we are so fortunate to have Pauline Barratt and her wonderful staff. We have Lucy and Talbot in swimming lessons, both indoor and outdoor, for many years through Pauline Barratt Aquatics and are constantly amazed at what great swimmers our kids have become (especially since when first starting, our son wouldn’t even put his face in the water and our daughter was an overly confident/scary swimmer). We love the size of the classes (four swimmers is the maximum per instructor), the warmth of the pool area (we’ve swum at other pools in Orillia but are always cold), the knowledge of the staff (amazing ideas and terminology and positive feedback), and, of course, the friendliness of the staff (they know the kids names and are so kind to them). WE LOVE PAULINE BARRATT’S and attribute our children’s swimming ability to them!! THANK YOU!”

“My daughters, ages 7 and 10, have been going to Pauline Barratt’s for the past three years and I am incredibly impressed with the skill and confidence with which they swim. We had tried Parks and Recreation – pool was always too crowded and most of the time the girls waited for their turn to swim – and the YMCA, which was inconsistent in terms of the calibre of the instruction. Meghan’s last teacher there never even got into the water once to instruct. The girls have largely received nearly one-on-one instruction and have developed excellent rapports with their instructors at Pauline Barratt’s. The best reward is seeing how well they swim and enjoy the water at my parents’ cottage and how they are even skilled enough to swim in the Atlantic Ocean on our various summer holidays.”

“We started at Pauline Barratt’s aquatics 12 years ago, because the salt water pool was a better choice for our families allergies. The student/teacher ratio is good, plus they are sensitive to each child’s needs. The staff are very friendly and always welcome parents to watch their children.” – Dan & Cindy Moloney

“…Wade and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your staff for all of the great work you have done with our two sons. We have been with you since Daniel was 4 years old…he’s 14 now! We think that your firm and relaxed approach with young boys, is just what Daniel and Andrew needed! You and your staff have been extremely consistent in your instruction. This has been excellent for our boys as they know exactly what to expect when they enter the pool. Your student to instructor ratio is extremely generous and allows for one on one instruction. There’s a reason we’ve stayed with you for over ten years….you guys are the BEST! Thanks again for all your hard work!” – Jennifer Tower

“Pauline Barratt is one of the most conscious and heart felt teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her knowledge and understanding of swimming, technique and safety in and around the water are bar none the best in this area. Above all of this, Pauline is a warm, inviting, compassionate and playful woman who knows how to tap into the hearts and minds of people young and old creating a safe and enjoyable environment for learning and fun. I have been watching my children grow and flourish as strong, confident swimmers in this environment with Pauline and her amazing staff’s guidance for the past two years. My children are always eager to go to their swim classes and ask frequently through the week when they can go back. Thank you Pauline for all that you give and all that you are. Your work and your passion is truly felt and received with love from our whole family.” – Beth Whalen-McKean

“We are delighted with the care and professionalism shown by Pauline and her staff over the past 8 years. We are quite pleased with the progress our girls have made in the pool and would recommend Pauline Barratt Aquatics to anyone wishing to improve their swimming skills.” – Kathy and Jeff Soutar

“Our son started swimming at Pauline Barratt Aquatics in January 2008 at age one. Anyone can learn to swim through Pauline’s consistent and progressive programs which produce positive results. The swim times are very adaptable to our schedule, but it is the little extras that make the difference; the Christmas parties, open family swims and very friendly office staff, that are there to help in any way. We are proud to be a member of such an outstanding program. Thanks for all your years of dedication to the sport of swimming, keep up the great work.” – The Stein family

“Pauline Barratt’s is a great place. The salt water is awesome and Pauline has really helped our older son (six years old now) to overcome his fear of water. Last summer he even started doing some dives from the dock at the cottage! Now both of our boys look forward to swimming each week.
Thanks Pauline. We tell our kids that God places coaches in their lives to make them better. You are one of the best. God Bless.” – Dr. Brad Norman

“Pauline is a responsible teacher who considers the developmental and emotional needs of her students. She has a great variety of teaching strategies and tries different ones until she finds the one that works for each child. My daughter used to be a shy and reluctant swimmer; now she is confident and loves to be in the pool!” – Megan Francis

“Pauline Barratt Aquatics programs and qualified staff bring professionalism, knowledge, enthusiasm and a real “know how” to help get their students motivated to learn the skills they need to stay safe….A very satisfied customer indeed! Thanks to all the staff” – Shelly (Georgias Mom)